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York Health Economic Consortium an independent, highly reputed organisation has done a detailed cost-benefit analysis. Although these events are not common, the litigation, legal costs associated, morbidity and staff cost amount to several million per year. We intend to make it available at a sustainable and cost-effective price which is much lower than the economically justifiable, cost-neutral price as demonstrated by this analysis.
This will bring significant cost savings to the NHS.
NHS England has spent nearly £70 million in the last 10 years for this problem, just for the legal payout
This does not include the re-operation costs, staff sickness, regulatory and organisational costs. **
total payout in millions in nhs england.
number of retained events in nhs england
** Data Source - NHS Resolution,NHS Litigation Authority
FOI request 3352 NHS Resolution click  for more info
FOI request 3627 NHS Resolution (last 5 years data)
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