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Dr Kiran Desai MD FRCP
Managing Director, Eureka Inventions 
NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur
Consultant Gastroenterologist
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Kate Pym
Non-executive director
Business development and Adoption strategy

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David Lowe
Business Development
MD, Catch 22 
Manufacturing Growth Programme

*March 2021- A local graduate has been appointed as an Administrative Support Officer for
the company
Professor  Peter Ogrodnik
School of Bioengineering and Pharmacy
Rosi Monkmon Innovation Business Partnership Manager
Kylie Salmon
Business Bridge facilitator

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Medilink East Midlands and East Midlands AHSN have provided support towards the awareness and educational animation. 
Some of the vital R&D and related activities are being actively supported by their Innovation Support Grant 
Dr Aditi Desai  MD FRCOG
Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, 
New Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton
Medical Advisor providing the clinical perspective 
Science in Enterprise Research Centre (SIRC) Team
Wolverhampton University
Product design,
Additive manufacturing team
Innovation related Business support managers
Developed the prototype iterations with the help of
'seed' funding -Business Bridge, Keele

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Manufacturing Technology centre- High value catapult -Innovate UK
  • Further design iterations and de-risking project 
  • Pathway to manufacture, assembly and sterilisation
Experienced, established and reputed device and procedure pack manufacturer

Great improvements and Discoveries invariably involve the co-operation of many minds

                                                                                                                               - Alexander Graham Bell

Our Collaborators
NIHR Surgical MIC, Leeds did a comprehensive, detailed and structured Patient Public Involvement and engagement project. This was invaluable in understanding patients, carers, families, users perspectives. We were astonished by the level of engagement. We benefitted from the design suggestions as well as suggestions about awareness of patient centric issues.

We realised that people deeply cared about the NHS and are willing to contribute to making a real difference.

The Manufacturing Growth Programme is supporting us in the development of the Business Strategy and Action Plan.
Our vision is to make childbirth and surgery safer.

We understand that for innovation actually to make a positive impact and reach patients; it has to be a successful and sustainable business, generating jobs and contributing to the UK economy

Usability study was done in high fidelity simulation by clinicians - doctors, nurses which guided prototype iterations
Staffordshire Business innovation centre is supporting innovation related business development
Pym's Consultancy is conducting a Customer Discovery Exercise.

Understanding all the stakeholders' needs, ideas, concepts and expectations is paramount

Intellectual property management. Filed patent in UK IPO and WIPO
Accounts and finance management 
Research and Development

Funded programme from the smart innovation hub

  • Using a ‘safety-critical systems’ focus to show how this product identifies systematic errors and removes false positives.

  • Develop a value chain analysis.

  • Make recommendations about how the company engages with potential customers demonstrating the value of the product.

Keele Research and Innovation Support Programme
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